Corporate Lunch Catering
in Santa Barbara

Corporate Lunch: Table Stakes

The business community in Santa Barbara is a thriving and fast growing tech epicenter that exists between Silicon Valley and Silicon Beach.

Many employers have chosen to offer lunch perks to their employees and it has become commonplace to have these regularly scheduled team lunches served by local Santa Barbara catering companies.

Seeing as a happy employee is a healthy employee, and a healthy employee is a well-fed employee, food is an essential part of running a thriving business. 

What is Corporate Lunch Catering?

Corporate lunch catering refers to lunch that is offered to employees for free or at a reduced price.  Often times lunch is served in the office as an opportunity for employees to unwind and get to know each other.

Besides serving as a bonding experience, employers can opt to provide lunches which are healthier than many to-go options that an employee may have access to on their lunch break.

The corporate lunch services offered by Craft Wood Fired Catering provide benefits which maximize productivity, increase efficiency, and save time. 

What is Included in a Corporate Lunch?

Sometimes the term “corporate lunch” gives the perception of an exclusive stand-alone event.  However, in this day and age, this is often not the case.

Craft Wood Fired Catering offers a variety of business lunch services and incorporates a number of corporate lunch menus.

Generally speaking, the most common corporate lunch menus are based on the following:

  • A predetermined menu for events like daily, weekly or monthly company-wide lunch
  • A lunch arranged for a client
  • Personal orders by employees through Admin or HR.

What Corporate Lunch Services are Provided?

There are many ways you can serve food in the office.  Craft Wood Fired Catering provides grab-and-go, plated sit-down, and buffet style meals to best accommodate the setting.


For a larger events, Craft Wood Fired Catering can provide staff and waiters.

Diverse Corporate Lunch Menus

A diverse menu ensures everyone is served, including vegetarian and vegan options.  We’re happy to work with you one on one to accommodate any special requests and allergies.


Thinking of hosting a BBQ cookout?  Craft Wood Fired Catering has a full size Santa Maria Style Grill that can feed your entire team mouthwatering tri-tip and chicken.

What about company happy hour?  Just send the word and we’ll be there with full bar staff pouring drinks and making sure everyone is having a great time.

How is the Food Served?

Depending on the style and theme of your event, there are several ways that Craft Wood Fired Catering serves your team.

For example, corporate lunch boxes are often a big hit during client and executive meetings.

A buffet-style lunch is a great way to serve a large number of employees while avoiding a strict eating schedule that allows employees to come and go as they please.

Sometimes the Santa Barbara weather is just too perfect to be inside, in that case, maybe grab-and-go sandwiches are the best option providing the utmost flexibility and freedom to enjoy the day.

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The Santa Barbara Corporate Lunch has become a common theme and staple of any desirable workplace. To ensure your corporate event is a success and keep your employees well-fed, you can rely on Craft Wood Fired Catering.