Santa Barbara Wedding Catering

More Than Just a Destination

A considerably energetic urban population along the shores of the Pacific, Santa Barbara is known for being more than just a destination.  People around the world frequently plan and revisit vacations in this beautiful Californian city.  It is a wedding locale known for its scenic waterfront outdoors and as you can probably imagine, the Santa Barbara wedding catering industry is in high demand.

With so many wedding catering companies located throughout the city, the Santa Barbara catering market is oversaturated (and everyone claims to provide the best wedding catering services!).  Some caterers are offshoots or branches of big event planning companies and tend to partner with local wedding caterers to make wedding events successful.

Below is a general overview of the services offered and what you can expect on your big day.

Event Planning and Management

People get forgetful on big occasions.  Chef Kyle Jones will help design your menu and manage your food service to ensure every box is checked and nothing is missed.  We understand how important it is to pay attention to every detail.

An on-site coordinator is a helpful addition to ensure everything goes according to plan.  They go the extra mile to make your wedding day a day to remember.  Let us know if you would like any local recommendations!

Food and Drinks

Let’s just address the elephant in the room: most of us go to weddings for food.  A good wedding is remembered by the excellent food (food can be an event in itself).  Craft Wood Fired Catering offers a variety of menus to suit your taste and theme.

In collaboration with local wedding caterers and vendors, fresh ingredients are a must on your big day.  You can customize the menu entirely or discuss options with the chef that best suit your theme.

While there are an unlimited amount of possible eating plans and arrangements, our catering team helps you decide what is best based on the number of guests, location, and budget. 

A few of our most popular options include:

  • BBQ Wedding Catering
  • Plated Wedding Catering
  • Buffet Style Wedding Catering

Some Santa Barbara wedding catering services do not have a license to serve alcohol so make sure you double-check with them before moving forward.  For those that do, we can provide the drinks and let the catering crew serve those amazing margaritas and mojitos!


You need people to handle all of the little the details on your wedding day.  After all, it is the best day of your life and shouldn’t be your job to ensure everything runs smoothly.

Our staff is professional and experts in their respective tasks.  Some serve the drinks and food; others are available to direct and receive guests.  We work closely with your event coordinator to make sure that everything goes as planned.

Décor and Rentals

Craft Wood Fired Catering makes sure that your wedding is a tale to tell for generations.  Whether you have specific requests regarding décor, lighting, or flowers, our knowledgeable team works closely with your vendors to create a cohesive theme that persists throughout the entire event.

You will likely need furniture, flowered gates or frames, a stage, and a dance floor (everyone rents them).  Arranging rentals for your wedding is seamless when working through our established vendor network.

Attention to detail is critical.  From the vases and décor on the tables to the color of the rugs and carpets, your team of vendors should be able to work well together and manage your wedding event.


We’ve got you covered!  Understanding that the last thing you want to do on your wedding day is worry about cleanup, Craft Wood Fired Catering will clear out all catering related items and return your venue to its original condition. 

All the Best!

With its scenic beaches and buzzing urban population, Santa Barbara is one of the best wedding destinations.  It is effortless to arrange an unforgettable wedding when working with the right team.  Craft Wood Fired Catering and our network of vendors have dozens of years’ experience planning weddings.

We provide the services to make your big day a success!  Contact us right away and we’ll get back to you shortly!